The Legend of Zelda

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Submitted by Alden Duquette on Fri, 2012 Nov 09 - 21:55

How is it that I feel like I have never heard this epic song before? I know I can't have missed a song that epic!!

Submitted by Ganondork on Fri, 2013 Feb 22 - 10:19

This piece is amazing! It's too bad that it seems hidden in this library because it's not associated with any album or tags.

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Mon, 2013 Apr 08 - 22:36

Song needs tags! According to the two posts before me! This is my first time posting this!

"It's like a hidden rupee, or something."

Haha, nice. :p

Great song!

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2013 Apr 10 - 01:48

Yes, this song definitely needs tags. :P Unfortunately, there isn't a tag for "epic" because 99% of the songs on Radio Hyrule would have it. :P

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Thu, 2013 Jun 27 - 01:53

Now that I think about it, what 1% of songs in their library WOULDN'T have an "epic" tag? :P

Submitted by Reldnahc98 on Thu, 2014 Nov 20 - 22:24

I grew up with David Arkenstone and Zelda, so I soiled my pants when I discovered that he made a Zelda song...