Falling Back

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Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Sun, 2014 Jul 13 - 19:23

This isn't a bad piece, but some of the back-up vocals went so off-key around the 1:45 mark.

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Wed, 2014 Oct 08 - 22:03

Great song, good feel. Definitely a laughable set of vocals in the first section, but it certainly sound like an amazing song. Hope he redoes the vocals when he gets a bit better. (Not that I can sing spectacularly either)

Submitted by azulhombre on Sat, 2015 Feb 21 - 22:48

The energy of the music far exceeds that of the vocalist. Pretty underwhelming.

Submitted by Jj1042 on Mon, 2015 Feb 23 - 21:20

I really feel like this is a good song, and I like it, but the vocals are weak. I do appreciate, however, the fact that you tried to convey a story through vocals, so you earned a favorite.

Submitted by lokk on Sat, 2015 Nov 07 - 18:09

Yeah Marin, you got it in twice. Felt WAY too long. Otherwise..it's okay...not many other vocal songs...

Submitted by MustasLinked on Mon, 2015 Nov 09 - 12:18

I have to admit, I thought this song was by Smosh the first time I heard it (Yeah crucify me XD). But I came back and listened to it again, and it's actually not too bad! A little touch up on the vocals, and it would be amazing! Seriously, until the latter end of the song, he was doing pretty well, despite the small lack of enthusiasm..

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Thu, 2016 Nov 10 - 04:54

I love this song, it's concept, lyrics, and instrumental performance are great. The vocals make me cringe a couple of times in the beginning, so I'm glad he finds his groove. I just hope he redoes this song when he gets a better handle on those pipes.

Submitted by HeroineOfTime on Tue, 2021 Mar 23 - 10:44

This song has a really nice feel to it! It's kinda nostalgic, it feels like a song that plays on the car radio when you're having fun on a nice day. The vocals were a really nice surprise! When it started playing, I thought it would be another instrumental!