Sacred Flute

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Submitted by SageNabooru on Sat, 2012 Nov 17 - 17:51

I remember when I found the flute in link to the past, when I first found the boy I loved the music he played, I listened to it forever! this is one of the best tracks from OC ReMix

Submitted by Jeremiah Caudell on Mon, 2012 Dec 17 - 22:31

I was just listening to this song, thinking about how beautiful it was, then I remembered the ocarina kid in LttP...

I almost cried.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Mon, 2012 Dec 31 - 08:59

This song... *sniff* ...SO BEAUTIFUL...

Submitted by Wyst on Mon, 2014 Jul 07 - 17:48

A perfect combination of Flute & Harp. Wonderfully cheerful!