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Submitted by WolfLink on Wed, 2013 Nov 20 - 05:13

I want to add this one to my personal collection but it's really obscure and I can't seem to find anywhere to download it. Any suggestions?

How does Radio Hyrule get their songs in the first place?

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2013 Nov 20 - 20:51

I have no idea. :P According to NovaAlamak (a.k.a. the DJ for the Windmill Hut), no other VGM online radio station has the "time and resources" that RH has. :P All I know is that, however they do it, they're gooood... :P

Submitted by Energyburst on Sat, 2014 May 24 - 19:13

i believe some songs are sent in to them by the artists and some they just find and ask if they can put it in their selection.