Mabe Village

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Submitted by azulhombre on Wed, 2013 Jun 12 - 00:32

I requested this on a whim because Link's Awakening is my favorite in the series... Never heard this recording before. Very well done!

Submitted by Freshnezz on Thu, 2013 Nov 14 - 10:59

Every time I hear this amazing track..

Submitted by Veritas93 on Fri, 2014 Oct 31 - 09:07

I always like Aivi Tran's stuff, she's got a gift for melody.

Submitted by SleepyHero on Sat, 2014 Dec 27 - 10:00

I totally love the piano and chiptune combo! Definitely my favorite version of this theme.

Submitted by Marin Hinawa on Sat, 2016 Jan 30 - 20:20

Aw I Love It! The piano is very pretty, and the chip tune is so fun!