Ballad of the Goddess

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Submitted by Pippit8 on Sun, 2014 May 04 - 22:41

This song. It's perfect. Ballad of the Goddess is like my all time favorite track and I just love remixes of it and orchestrations and anything people put out there. Audire Choir's version is absolutely stunning, but this, this is perfection and I can't even handle the love I have for it. I need more music like this. I really do.

Submitted by BobtheKeeper on Thu, 2014 Jun 19 - 05:31

This is a perfect remix and really evokes the emotions I had when playing Skyward Sword, to say the least. Gorgeous instrumentation. Even if Ballad of the Goddess is not my favorite, this arrangement makes it a favorite! (if that makes sense)

Submitted by Zebrasuar on Sun, 2015 Nov 15 - 17:26

Such a good song but it's sad at the same time. One of the best versions of Ballad if the Goddess!!!