The Adventure of Link

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Submitted by Wyst on Fri, 2014 May 02 - 12:39

I love the back and forth of this duel: accordion v. electric guitar. Perfect combination! Much Love! :-D

Submitted by Jedi4232 on Thu, 2014 Oct 23 - 17:57

I don't know why, but the accordion reminded me of polka, which reminded me of Weird Al. I was so tempted to go listen to Weird Al after this song was over.

Submitted by Zebrasuar on Sun, 2015 Oct 25 - 11:57

I feel the same! XD

Submitted by MustasLinked on Fri, 2015 Oct 16 - 01:53

I absolutely LOVE this so song! The Adventure of Link is one of my least favorite Zelda game (Doesn't really say much.. XD) but this is one of my favorite remixes. I can't deny Zelda: 2 had some great and memorable music. And it obviously led to some amazing remixes.