Austin Wright

Alias: AAA_awright, Acubed, awwright
Position: Software engineer/Webmaster
Location: Arizona
Twitter: @awwright
Joined Staff: February 21, 2011
Interests: Economics, Root Beer, Javascript, Dragons, History, Filmmaking
Currently Playing: Splatoon, Splatoon, Splatoon
Quote: "Think the unthought-of."

Stephen Weber

Alias: Stephen, France Hopper
Position: The Voice
Location: Portland, OR
AIM/YIM: francehopper009
Gtalk/Skype: francehopper
Facebook: FranceHopper
Twitter: FranceHopper
Joined Staff: June 21, 2008
Interests: Technology, Public Transport, Coffee, and Japan, among other things.
Currently Playing: Uncharted 4
Quote: "Failure is the best kind of opportunity."