News and Updates

Hyrule Academy - Episode 4 Now Available

Didn't get to tune in for the May 9th episode of Hyrule Academy? No worries my friend, here is the full recording of the episode!

On this episode, I talk all about the Composer Brothers from Ocarina of Time with special guest GreatScottLP! Enjoy!

Hyrule Academy - Episode 3 Now Available

Didn't get to tune in for the May 2nd episode of Hyrule Academy? No worries my friend, here is the full recording of the episode!

On this episode, I talk all about the SECOND Ganon from Four Swords Adventures, as well as how he came to be, and his primary weapon! Enjoy!

Huge Music Library Update

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally gone through all of the music submissions we've received over the last several months. We added over 100 new tracks, totaling over 7 hours of new music (an 11% increase)! If you own the Radio Hyrule iOS app, make sure you refresh the library listings!

Among the new additions include a few new guitar albums, like BMBGuitar's Anthems of the Past, and The CloudRunner's Unto Ocean's End albums. New artists include megalorganiste, PoopPoopFart, insaneintherainmusic, Escensei, Imco de Gier, and many others! Check out the full list of new tracks here.

Enjoy the new tracks! Keep sending us your track suggestions (with links), and we'll consider it in our next batch of new music.

Also, Hyrule Academy Episode 2 is now available for download.

Hyrule Academy - Episode 1 Now Available

Didn't get to tune in for the April 18th episode of Hyrule Academy? No worries my friend, here is the full recording of the episode!

On this episode, AWildAbra joins me as we discuss the Golden Goddesses and their counterparts in the many facets of the Zelda lore! Enjoy!

Radio Hyrule Presents: Hyrule Academy

Ready for class? Radio Hyrule just picked up a brand new radio show, airing Fridays @ 7-8pm Pacific!

Hosted by Twitch superstar MC Gamer, Hyrule Academy will take listeners deep into discussion, and dive into the ancient lore and mysteries of Hyrule (and beyond). MC Gamer is also the director of Zeldathon, holding charity events throughout the year.

Hyrule Academy will be the first live show organized and hosted entirely by the Radio Hyrule team, and marks the beginning of a new initiative to produce our own content to be aired regularly.

Tonight will be the last live airing of The Windmill Hut on Radio Hyrule, but you can still catch it at the same time each week on The Spinning Stream. Archived episodes will be aired after the shows have been recorded.

The show debuts next Friday, April 18th. Don't forget your Historia books!

Radio Hyrule State of the Station 2014

My, my, how fast time flies. The last State of the Station address was already a year and a half ago! Crazy, right? Anyways, here's a breakdown of Radio Hyrule's current status and future goals.


Things around the website have been pretty quiet in terms of updates and changes, but that's because everything has been running incredibly smoothly. With the recent success of our first mobile application, we've started looking at making a number of improvements we can make to the website (and apps) to offer a better experience.

  • Track Requests: Austin and I have been working on creating a solution to better handle the growing number of track requests that we process on a daily basis. We're hoping to solve this problem as soon as we can, as we know it has a big impact on listening experience. We're looking at possibly adding a voting mechanism in order to cut back waiting times for requests to be aired.
  • Upvote/Downvote System: Like the track that's currently playing? Give it an upvote. Hate the current track? Downvote. Not only will this help us provide better track popularity statistics, it will help flag tracks that aren't well-liked so we can possibly weed them out if necessary.
  • Streamlined Layout: The website is due for a facelift, which looks like will be ready to go during the later portion of the year. Nothing huge, but we'd like to clean up some of the useless clutter and create something that's easier to use.

Mobile Applications

As you probably noticed, we launched a dedicated Radio Hyrule iOS app about 7 months ago and it's been a huge success. It's never been easier to listen to the music on the go and even request songs. Many thanks to all buyers for helping us maintain the app and station by purchasing the app. We've received a lot of positive feedback, and we're pretty proud of our 5-star rating we've been holding for a month in the US app store!

We will continue improving the app: A new social sharing feature was added in the latest version. Now you are able to post on social media about what you're listening to and what you like on Radio Hyrule!

We're also working on an Android version due to popular demand ;) Here's a sneak peek:

But please be aware that it's work in progress and it will take more time. Because even though it doesn't look too different, it's quite a different and more diverse environment than iOS, and we still want to deliver something to you that'll be fun to use.

So, what do you think?

Now is a great opportunity to share your own thoughts and ideas about Radio Hyrule. We really appreciate you listening to our radio station, and we would love to hear your suggestions.

Radio Hyrule iOS Application

It's finally here! We're proud to announce the release of our first mobile application for iOS devices!

Listeners can now quickly tune into Radio Hyrule and also request songs directly from the app. For more features and information, head over to our mobile application page.

You can download the Radio Hyrule app for $0.99 using the link above or by searching the app store on your device. By purchasing the app, you are helping to fund future app development and to keep our servers online.

I'd like to personanlly thank the developers of the app, who have been working very hard for the last two years to make sure it is a very stable app capable of always being at your convenience. Thanks to everyone for your support, and happy listening!~

Twilight Symphony: Now Playing on Radio Hyrule

We would like to thank everyone who spent many hours of their day with us yesterday watching the Twilight Symphony Music Video, and joined us, the Twilight Symphony team, and everyone else in the chatroom. The videos are being posted by track on ZREO's YouTube channel through the coming month.

This special event was made possible because of our stream sponsors: Juan Luna, Mike Sauer, and Michael Schatz, among other donors who can be found on our Donate page. Without your contributions this event wouldn't have been possible.

The Twilight Symphony Music Video marked the debut of Twilight Symphony on the Radio Hyrule library. Check it out!