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Limited Skyward Sword Bundle Includes Zelda Symphony CD and Golden Wiimote

Nintendo officially announced today that they will be releasing a limited edition bundle for Skyward Sword when it hits shelves this November.

Along with a gorgeous copy of the game, the bundle will include a golden Wiimote and a shiny CD featuring orchestral arrangements which will be performed at The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concerts held around the world in October. Nintendo hasn't announced any plans to sell the CD or Wiimote separately.

Skyward Sword's First Swing Touches Down Mid-November

Nintendo has officially set launch timelines for the American and European localizations of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, indicating respective 20 November and 18 November dates.

Interestingly, the European release date spans the entire region, including the UK, furthering a release trend seemingly marked by the advent of the Nintendo 3DS console, leaving American game release dates to fall shortly after European launches.

Radio Hyrule Attending PAX Prime

Next weekend, Radio Hyrule will on-location at the 8th annual Penny Arcade Expo in lovely Seattle, Washington! This is our first ever public appearance as Radio Hyrule, and we're so stoked, we want to celebrate!

Tune in next weekend for a chance to catch some live broadcasting straight from PAX! We don't know exactly what kind of content we'll be able to broadcast, but we're hoping to get some panels and/or interviews with other notable people who are attending. More details are on the way!

This is your chance to come out and meet us! If you live in the Seattle area or plan on attending the event, come hang out with us! We'll get you some free ZREO swag, and let you make a shoutout on the air. Keep an eye on the site for PAX updates. We'll let you know when and where we're going to be so you can find us and claim your free stuff!*

*While supplies last ;)

Listen to Zelda Remix Hour This Saturday

We're bringing back one of our old shows we used to feature on the stream starting this Saturday. Some of you might remember hearing about it way back in 2008.

Zelda Remix Hour was a segment that aired twice a week, and was entirely put together by members of the Zelda Informer staff. The show featured a variety of remixes, each presented with some bits of background information before they are played. Each new show highlights different genres, including techno, rock, and jazz. Some of the songs featured aren't even in the Radio Hyrule music library, so it's definitely worth a listen!

Tune in on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2pm and 10pm EDT (7pm and 3am Sun GMT). We'll be airing "new" episodes every Saturday afternoon until we've re-run them all. We'll be adding download links to each of the segments on our Shows page after they have been aired. Don't miss it!

State of the Station - Radio Hyrule

No need to get your eyes checked, we have indeed changed our name from World Zelda Music Radio to Radio Hyrule! I should explain why we chose to do this, as the new name is signifying a number of changes we're making to how we run this project. Keep reading for more information.

New site features

We've been working on a number of changes to the backend of the site since we moved to our new server a month ago. Many are still being worked on; please bear with us.
  • Individual pages for every song in our library. This will allow visitors to view track info, leave comments, post ratings, and request songs to be played on the air, an old feature dearly missed by long-time WZMR veterans. All artists and albums will have their own similar pages as well. To visit them, just click on the name.
  • In order to post comments and request songs, we have enabled a login system. Creating an account is simple, you don't have to fill out a profile. If you choose, we have an option to log in using your Facebook profile. It's really handy and makes logging in a piece of cake. To create your account, go here. In the future, we plan on allowing members to use the same account to access features on the Zelda Reorchestrated website. Pretty cool, huh?

Future plans

Those are the two biggest changes that have already happened to the site. As we continue to work on and refine those features, we're also going to be bringing more to the table in terms of content.
  • We've added a "News" page to our lovely sage navigation bar, which is where we're going to be storing a database of all of our news content that gets featured on the air. Now, before you start banging down our doors asking why there needs to be another Zelda news site, think of the opportunities a radio station can open up. We all listen to public radio here, right? (You should.) A lot of their content includes interviews with interesting people on interesting topics. We want to stand out in the community by providing unique content in a way that no other Zelda fansite has before. Details coming soon.
  • Also on our sage bar is the "Shows" tab, which has been sitting there doing nothing for quite some time now. On this page, you will be able to find a schedule of all of our programmed content. It will also serve as a place to allow visitors to download all previous shows. You're probably wondering what shows we're talking about.
    • If you've been a long-time listener, chances are that you've stumbled on to the stream while "The Windmill Hut" was on the air. This show is not run by Radio Hyrule staff, but is instead hosted by The Spinning Stream and relayed on our stream.
    • Starting Saturday, we're going to be re-airing one of our classic shows "Zelda Remix Hour" which was hosted by staff members from Zelda Informer. Catch it on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2pm and 10pm EDT (7pm and 3am Sun GMT). New episodes on Saturdays.
    • More shows are on the way as we continue to plan them and set everything up technology-wise. Hoping to start in a few weeks!

We have mobile apps in development

For a while now, we have been working on mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. The Radio Hyrule app is being designed to play the stream and utilize the requesting features of the site. Best of all, it will be yours for free! Pretty soon, you will be able to access the Radio Hyrule stream wherever you have internet access, and we are incredibly excited for that. However, we are looking for some extra muscle to help us finish these apps, so if you have any experience in mobile app development and have time you can devote to working with us, please contact us and we'll bring you up to speed!

Help wanted

Radio Hyrule is developed and maintained by a small group of dedicated individuals. We are constantly on the look out for other fans who share the same vision we do. The following is a list of specific positions we're looking to fill. If you think you can fill the role, or even part of the role, contact us. If you have an idea that we haven't thought of yet, contact us again.
  • News Reporter - We need people who are not only able to find worthy content, but are also confident enough to conduct short interviews with people relevant to the topic at hand. Your voice will be on the air often, but the interviews will be recorded and edited beforehand.
  • Web Developer - HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. If you know any of those languages, we'll be able to find a job for you! The good news is that most of the difficult stuff has been taken care of. Your job would be to add new features to the already-existing framework of the site. A great opportunity for learning and improving your skills!
  • Mobile App Developer - As mentioned above, we're looking for people who can lend a hand in developing our mobile apps. Much of the work has been completed, yet there are still features that need debugging.

There you have it, the State of the Station for Summer 2011. It's been a fun and exciting transition, and we can't wait to finish up these new feature we have planned! Few more things: We have a NEW Facebook page! Make sure you join it, and feel free to leave the old one behind; we won't be using it anymore. Also, we have a new Twitter @RadioHyrule. Last thing: Please help support Radio Hyrule! We're doing our best to keep the site advertisement-free, but with school starting soon and without support from our listeners, we will have to find ways to help ease our financial woes. We have a lovely Donation page where you will forever be glorified, you will be recognized on the air (many times), and if you're super supportive, we'll mail you some goodies!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and listenership! Now that you all have accounts, how about you start commenting on our news updates, eh? :)

Tickets to Zelda Symphony London On Sale August 8

European Zelda fans, it's your turn! In an update to their website, The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony announced the tour will be making a stop in London. The show is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25th, just a few days after the Los Angeles event. The London show is the final show in the fall tour, the first being Tokyo on October 10. A worldwide tour is expected to launch in 2012.

Tickets for London go on sale this Monday, August 8 at 11am CET. Much like the Los Angeles show, tickets are expected to go quickly. There are still some for the Los Angeles show, but they are selling fast, so get yours now.

Links: Zelda Symphony Official Website

Zelda Eternity Marathon for American Cancer Society

Summer is the time for Zelda marathons. Starting today, a team of fans over at Zelda Eternity will be embarking on a quest to complete eleven games in four days.

The idea of sitting inside for four days playing video games might seem irresponsible, insane, or outright maniacal to some people. However, anyone familiar with the typical video game marathon knows that these marathoners have a cause. Zelda Eternity is asking for people's support to raise money for the American Cancer Society, a foundation dedicated to medical research, and helping people with cancer.

The event kicks off shortly at 5pm EDT. Be sure to check in on their progress throughout the next few days, and help them reach their goal. I think I heard something about swimsuit models...

Links: Zelda Eternity Marathon Stream Page

15% Off Zelda Symphony Tickets With Club Nintendo Promo Code

Nintendo is offering a good deal on Zelda Symphony tickets to members of their customer appreciation program, Club Nintendo. In an email sent out earlier today, a special offer was announced allowing a 15% discount when using promotional code "ZELDA" when ordering.

The discount will be greatly appreciated by fans who were a bit hung up over the extra fees that are hidden in the cost of the ticket. The offer was emailed exclusively to Club Nintendo members, though there's nothing stopping the general public from using the promo code as well. Tickets go on sale later today, so head on over to the Ticketmaster event page when you're ready to order.

Links: Zelda Symphony Official Website | Ticketmaster