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Radio Hyrule Skyward Sword Giveaway! [Updated]

Want a chance to win a Limited Edition copy of Skyward Sword when it comes out next weekend? It's easy! All you have to do is "Like" our Facebook page and share the contest post publicly on your own wall. Once you do that, you will be entered into a random drawing in which one person will be chosen as the recipient of a free Limited Edition copy of Skyward Sword, a value of $69.99.

The prize drawing will be held LIVE on Radio Hyrule on Tuesday, November 15th at 8pm ET. Once announced, the winner will have 25 minutes to post on our Facebook wall to claim their prize. Do you have what it takes? Good luck!

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment.

Update: We will ship the copy of the game to you if you live in the US only. If the winner chosen is from a different country, we will give you $69.99 towards purchasing the game in your own country. Saves us on shipping, and you don't have to worry about getting the wrong region!

Links: Facebook Contest Entry Post

Symphony of the Goddesses Tour Date Revealed

The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses sent out an email to all members of their mailing list this morning announcing the official name of the 2012 tour, as well as the first date on the tour. The first concert will be premiering in Dallas, TX on January 10, 2012 by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and will feature a four movement symphony. The Zelda Symphony website has been updated with the new title and information. Tickets for the Dallas performance range in price from $19 to $115 and are on sale already. There is also a Club Nintendo discount of 15% for members of the rewards program, but only until the end of November.

Links: Zelda Symphony Homepage | Nintendo Press Release

'The Final Hours' Drops This Saturday on Radio Hyrule

It's the Final Day and only 3 hours remain. What are you doing? Who are you saying goodbye to? Will a hero ever save the day? Tune in on Saturdays at 11pm ET for some earth-shattering music, featuring remixes and covers exclusively from Majora's Mask. While you're at it, check out Operation Moonfall and show your support to help bring an amazing title to the 3DS!

Don't forget, it's all about the weight of the moon.

Confessions of a Teenage Hylian Hero

Ever wonder what Link is thinking about during his day (and night) job? Check out this video for a general idea and some good laughs. Note: Contains some language which some might find offensive.

Tune in to Hyrule Fright Fest this Halloween

We're celebrating Halloween this year by hosting our third annual Hyrule Fright Fest this Monday night starting at 8pm ET. Join us for hours of songs from our library that are so frighteningly spooky, they could make a redead cry. In fact, they are so freaky that they're sure to haunt any young deku scrubs dressed up like poes and gibdos that come knocking on your door! Best of all, there won't be any commercials or station IDs that might otherwise give time for an angry stalfos to come out and scare you!

So break out your lanterns, put on your mask, and have a great night! Whether you're passing out candy, or are out and about, we hope you have a fun and safe night. Don't forget, it's dangerous to go alone on Halloween! Tune in to us.

This Explains Things

Alright, it's time to explain why there has been an apparent lack of presence at the site. I've spent much of the past week out in Los Angeles to help prepare for The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony which debuted last Friday night. I was invited to join the Symphony crew as a Video Editor and Production Assistant. Do understand that this does not affiliate Radio Hyrule with Nintendo or the Symphony. Working with the team has taken up much of my time these past few weeks, making it hard to keep the front page up to date. Unfortunately, I won't be with the crew for the London show, as I've missed enough school the way it is. I'm going to get back to posting content once I'm caught back up in class (so probably tomorrow). I have plenty of photos from my experiences last week, including a tour of Songbird Ocarinas!

Thanks to everyone who reads our front page for hanging in there! We'll be getting back in the swing of things soon.

Worldwide Zelda Flipnote Winners

The results are in! After reviewing a month's worth of Flipnote submissions from around the world celebrating The Legend of Zelda's 25th Anniversary, 15 winners each from each region have been revealed. Check out the sites for each region to see some amazing animations created by fans around the world, along with some staff submissions!

Read more to see their artistic creations.

One Week Until Zelda Symphony LA.. Is Your Body Ready?

The Zelda Symphony Facebook page asked fans the same thing earlier today. Today marks the beginning the final countdown to the Hyrulian invasion of Los Angeles next Friday, when the Zelda Symphony comes to the Pantages Theater.

Three thousand fans, over one hundred musicians performing sixteen songs, along with a handful of special guests in attendance. While we know there is a full tour being scheduled to start next year, the circumstances under which the LA show (and Japan/London) is happening will only ever happen once in a lifetime. To say that I'm excited to attend would be a complete understatement.