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Last Pair of Zelda Symphony Dallas Tickets on eBay

After a three-show fall tour, The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary is packing up and hitting the road for a 2012 tour, entitled Symphony of the Goddesses. The first stop is one week from today in Dallas, TX, and naturally tickets are long gone. Of course, those with big enough wallets can somehow manage to get their way in somehow, right? Well, here's your last chance if you've been looking for tickets.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is auctioning away the final two seats to the show off on eBay, complete with a night's "dream stay" at The Ritz-Carlton, a mighty fine-looking hotel indeed. If you've got the courage, (and the rupees), you better place your bid sooner rather than later.

"A January 10 dream stay for two at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas includes deluxe accommodations, a champagne breakfast for two at Fearing’s Restaurant, and an exclusive spa visit either before the performance or the next morning, highlighted by the famed Ultimate Infusion Facial experience for two."

Bidding is starting at $500, with the auction scheduled to end in a little more than two days! Check out the auction listing if you want to keep up on the item's progress. No word has been given on later tour dates yet.

Source: eBay Auction Page

CSGuitar89 Releases Zelda Guitar Album

YouTube is full of guitar covers. YouTube is full of Zelda guitar covers. There is actually a small community of guitarists on YouTube who dedicate most of their covers to video game music, and where there's video game music, there's sure to be some Zelda. The Radio Hyrule library features many of these guitar covers (the ones we've found so far at least!), produced by artists such as Jam2995, TheDelRe, FamilyJules7x, and CSGuitar89. These YouTubers typically release their songs individually on a semi-regular basis, so it's a real treat when one of them decides to release an entire album's worth of songs all at once.

Hymns of Light and Shadows is an 18-track collection of guitar covers created by CSGuitar89 featuring songs from a variety of different games. It clocks in at just over an hour, and best of all, it's free! Below is the announcement video; check it out for all the rest of the details. The album will make its way into our music library within a few days!

I want his shirt.

Source: CSGuitar89 Official Website

Site Upgrades

As I'm sure most of you can probably tell, the site looks a little funky now, don't it? Everything is fine, we didn't get hacked, and the radio is still perfectly normal. We've been working on upgrading our CMS, but as it has it, things didn't go quite as well as planned, so we're working on making a lot of fixes. The Zelda Reorchestrated website is in a similar state, though arguably less messed up. We're going to continue to make fixes to the site over the next couple of days (hopefully it won't take longer.. gulp), so we simply ask for your patience and continued support! Thank you!

To tune into Radio Hyrule, open this URL in your media player:
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New Songs Added to the Library

We've been crazy busy lately with school, but we've finally added over three hours of new music to the library. New additions include selections from the recently released OC ReMix album, the Skyward Sword bonus disc, as well as singles from various individual artists.

Check out the new tunes! Don't study too hard, and enjoy! :)

Zelda Symphony Recording Video #3

The third and final video from the recording of the Zelda Symphony CD has finally been released. This time, the featured song is the Great Fairy's Fountain Theme, one of Miyamoto-san's favorites! Pay attention to the different personalities of the harps as they converse with one another. The same thing happens with the woodwinds later, before the strings and female choir comes in. It's such a beautiful rendition that was fortunately included on the bonus CD!

Source: Zelda Informer

25YEARLEGEND Album by OC ReMix

Remixing community OverClocked ReMix released a new official album today in honor of Zelda's 25th anniversary. The album features 18 arrangements covering themes from across all of the Zelda games that have been released.

What makes this album even more interesting is that most of the remixers who contributed to the project have also composed music for a significant title in the indie game community! It's really cool to see a collaboration like this in honor of Zelda. It goes to show how much Zelda music has influenced the game music genre as a whole! You can download the album from here.

The songs themselves are very well-made and are fun to listen to. We'll be adding the full collection to the Radio Hyrule library in the coming week when we add a lot of other new tracks as well.

Links: 25YEARLEGEND Main Page | OverClocked ReMix Homepage

Skyward Sword Giveaway Results

Earlier this week, we held our first ever giveaway on the site: a Limited Edition copy of Skyward Sword! We set some pretty awesome site records for Facebook activity, chatroom participants, and radio listeners.

So who ended up winning? It took two tries before we found our winner, but at last, Jake McCoy, who you might know better as Jam2995, was around to claim his prize. He's actually contributed a number of the songs that are in the Radio Hyrule library, and even put together a video earlier today showing off his prize. Check out the video and his others if you haven't already!

Overall I'm very satisfied with how well everything worked out, and I had a lot of fun putting everything together. I owe a lot of thanks to a couple of individuals who really helped get this thing going. You know who you are. Hope to do more of these sometime in the future! ;)

Zelda Symphony Recording Video Hits 3DS

3DS owners who have the 3DS Video application installed on their systems were treated with a full video presentation of one of the songs that are to be included on the bonus symphony CD included with early copies of Skyward Sword later this month. The album was recorded in Kenmore, Washington inside the Bastyr Chapel at Bastyr University. The video features various angles of different sections of the orchestra, as well as the choir (which was recorded at a separate time). Hopefully we'll be treated to more of these videos soon!

Source: Zelda Informer