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Zelda Symphony Mini-Concert at Nintendo World NYC

Zelda fans from the New York City area were in for a wonderful evening last night during a special Zelda Symphony event at Nintendo World in Rockefeller Plaza NYC. The event was created by Symphony of the Goddesses producer Jeron Moore who served as the MC for the evening.

Events included an ocarina seminar with ocarina professional David "DocJazz" Ramos, a display of historic Zelda and Nintendo memorabilia, a photo opportunity with famed Link cosplayer Pikmin Link, and a one-hour concert performed by two violins, a viola, cello, bass, flute, and harp.

The ensemble was conducted by Symphony of the Goddesses conductor Eímear Noone, and the arrangements were created by Chad Seiter.

Some of the arrangements were based off of the full orchestra versions of Symphony of the Goddesses tracks, but there were also a few new tracks never heard before. The entire concert was captured on video and thanks to the power of the internet, you can hop inside and check it out!

New Batch of New Music

Hi folks, sorry for the long break in posts! We're back with some fresh new tracks that have been added to the library.

First up, we have eleven demo tracks from M. Bulteau's Majora's Mask Opera, Majora, including one I don't think you'll find anywhere else! If you missed our recent interview with him about his project make sure you go check it out.

Other new additions this batch include some Symphony of the Goddesses tracks, one of which is a better recording of the E3 Overture track we've been playing for the last year or so. The rest of the tracks are mostly from Newgrounds or Dwelling of Duels.. Make sure you check out one of my favorites, Full Mast by virt and Snappleman.

Check out a full list of all of the new tracks here!

Want Some Gun-Slinging Zelda Action?

Last week we reported about The Game Station's three-part mini-series, "Fistful of Rupees," a western mash-up with the Zelda series. Yesterday the creators posted all three parts of the series. The first one is below. The rest are in here.

Link: The Game Station YouTube Channel

Behind the Scenes of Twilight Symphony

Zelda Reorchestrated, the team behind the promising Twilight Symphony music album, released a new video yesterday that lets viewers take a look behind the scenes of their choir recording session held earlier this summer.

More video previews can be found on their YouTube channel. They've also updated their blog with a nearly-complete track list and other small bits of information. Expected release of the album is November 2012.

Source: Zelda Reorchestrated

Zeldamotion Project Wants Your Help

If you're an avid collector of Zelda merchandise, there's a good chance you have a handful of the official manga books. But if you're not familiar with them or haven't read any, now you might not have to worry at all about finding one of the books.

Zeldamotion is working on transforming A Link to the Past's manga into a fully animated series that you can actually watch. In order to hire voice talent and cover other costs of production, the project is seeking Kickstarter donations through the month of August. The proposed budget is set at $15,000 and includes a number of different reward tiers for those of you interested in nabbing some cool exclusive merch!

If the project succeeds there may be plans to create animations for other Zelda manga books as well. Check out their A Link to the Past trailer by clicking here. To see another previous attempt at an animated Zelda series, click here.

Source: Kickstarter

Possible 2013 Zelda Symphony Tour

Conductor Eímear Noone proudly displays
a Wind Waker baton.
Disappointed that Symphony of the Goddesses isn't coming to a city near you? Well don't lose hope quite yet. There may be plans to extend the tour into 2013 (or beyond!) after the originally planned 2012 tour.

Original Sound Version editor Patrick Gann recently published his thoughts and experiences from last week's show at The Mann Center in Philadelphia. He was able to speak with the show's producer, Jeron Moore, and in their conversation Moore mentioned the possibility of the tour being extended into 2013 and including new material that hasn't yet been performed.

This is exciting news for concert-goers who are thirsty for more! Hop inside for the full quote.

Zelda Western "Fistful of Rupees" Trailer

Last week, Kotaku reported about an upcoming web mini-series bringing Western elements into the Zelda universe. "Fistful of Rupees" is a live-action, three-part video series produced by The Game Station and Maker Studios.

They've just released the first full trailer for the series starring YouTubers TJ Smith and Rawn, along with videogame blogger/actress Lisa Foiles (formerly of Nickelodeon's "All That"), with special guests Dodger and Jesse Cox.

Hop inside to check out the trailer.

Wind Waker Ocean Theme on Piano

Source: Zelda Dungeon