Site Upgrades

As I'm sure most of you can probably tell, the site looks a little funky now, don't it? Everything is fine, we didn't get hacked, and the radio is still perfectly normal. We've been working on upgrading our CMS, but as it has it, things didn't go quite as well as planned, so we're working on making a lot of fixes. The Zelda Reorchestrated website is in a similar state, though arguably less messed up. We're going to continue to make fixes to the site over the next couple of days (hopefully it won't take longer.. gulp), so we simply ask for your patience and continued support! Thank you!

To tune into Radio Hyrule, open this URL in your media player:
Lo-fi Stream:


Submitted by Finnick on Sun, 2012 Jan 01 - 03:33

ok i was wandering what was happening

Submitted by kevinmiller on Fri, 2012 Apr 06 - 18:04

The Zelda website is in a similar state, though arguably less messed up. I am getting a 4 year degree in 4 years from McGraw University and i have some research work regarding this topic and this may help me for sure.

Submitted by beaalonzo on Mon, 2013 Apr 22 - 06:28

We understand the inconvenience of the Zelda Reorchestrated website but we still looking forward the recovery of the site as well as the valuable information that we can get from here.

Thank you.

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