Read Chapter Three of The Zeldanime Project

Here at Radio Hyrule, we like to post news content about Zelda music. We also like to keep up to date with what other Zelda fans are doing in the community. Today, we're going to turn our attention over to The Zeldanime Project.

The idea behind this project is to recreate the infamous 1980s Legend of Zelda cartoon series in the form of a manga/comic book. Before you groan and facepalm about the thought of the cartoon series beind remade, take a look for yourself. You'll be surprised with the results. The artists behind this project have created a perfect recipe for a highly enjoyable comic series. It's a unique blend of the cartoon series and creativity, embellished with references to the Zelda games. The characters have been given personalities that benefit from the relationships they have with one another. When you mix all of that with some terrific artistic talent, you not only get some of the highest production values for a Zelda project, but one of the most unique projects in the Zelda community.

The Zeldanime team posted earlier today their third chapter in the series entitled "Siege en Hyrule Castle." If you've been keeping up to date with all of their previous installments, head on over to Chapter Three, otherwise you can start from the beginning if you're a newcomer. Don't miss out on this awesome project.

Links: Zeldanime Homepage | Chapter Three Announcement