More Zelda Symphony Details From Comic Con

Since the orchestral performance of Zelda music at Nintendo's E3 Press Event, news has been popping up everywhere about the upcoming concerts this fall. The latest bits of information come from Destructoid's interview with Bill Trinen this weekend at Comic Con.

Koji Kondo "Really wanted music to be a part of the 25th anniversary activity," Trinen told Destructoid, so he began preparing an orchestral concert event to be held in Japan. From there, Nintendo decided to add single concerts for North America and Europe with music "hand-picked by Koji Kondo and his team."

Zelda music will continue to fill the halls after the concerts this October as JMP Productions (which also produces the PLAY! - A Video Game Symphony tour) continues a tour Trinen says to be "pretty extensive." The 2012 tour will make its way around the globe, centering "primarily in the United States and North America," making it possible for those who missed out on the fall concerts to get a Goron helping of sweeping Hyrulean melodies too.

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Link: Destructoid