Oceanfront View

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Submitted by LovingShadowLink on Mon, 2011 Nov 14 - 11:58

This is a lovely piano piece. Very relaxing. Thank you for posting. Though I don't recall which game I heard it in...

Submitted by AwesomeMUSICman on Sun, 2012 May 20 - 23:00

My Best guess is that is from Link's Awakening. correct me if i am wrong.

Submitted by Acubed on Wed, 2012 May 23 - 03:08

That's right, hence the giant egg in the album art.

I'll try and tag the rest of the songs in this album...

Submitted by Epicsword3 on Fri, 2016 Feb 26 - 16:01

One of the best Zelda Piano pieces I've heard! Very well done! I would learn piano just for this!