The Legend of Minecraft

Minecraft has been around for quite some time now. So how long should it take before we start to see Zelda fans creating a full 3D replica of Hyrule? Apparently not long. Members of the GenGAME community have started a project called HyruleCraft to do just that back in April earlier this year, and so far their progress is quite impressive! They've completed a number of locales around OoT's Hyrule, and are getting pretty close to being done with the overworld. Check out their latest video showing off their Kokiri Forest area.

HyruleCraft is made up of fans who must first demonstrate their crafting abilities before they are allowed to join the team. Each Friday at 9pm ET, the team hosts a live video stream so viewers can watch as they go about their work. Tomorrow night, you can join in and catch a live interview with yours truly! Sure sounds to be like a good time! Don't worry, we'll remind ya. I wouldn't want to miss out.

Source: HyruleCraft Weekly Info Page | HyruleCraft Planet Minecraft Page


Submitted by JAH007 on Fri, 2011 Oct 14 - 15:48

Cool I was actually thinking of building Hyrule in minecraft but I never have the time I will try to make it over the summer

Submitted by JAH007 on Fri, 2011 Oct 14 - 22:37

just saw that is from ocarina of time so then i will try to do majora's mask then lol this is going to be a fun challenge over the summer