Midna's Desperate Hour

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Submitted by Haranuva on Wed, 2012 May 30 - 13:45

Holly cow! This is such an awesome/bossome/amazing version!!! Its my favorite!!!

Submitted by goldentorch4 on Fri, 2013 Jun 14 - 21:51

The best rendition. I still remember the first time iv'e heard this...

I'll never forget it.....

Submitted by Jac53 on Tue, 2014 Sep 09 - 05:48

Someone commented about remembering the fist time hearing it. I'd like to hear it even once, but apparently the system tells me I must have already - and recently, too. Really? I don't think I have amnesia...let's see...nope. Can't recall - because I NEVER requested it, either before or recently. I think this is how they get you to pay for things on this "free" site. One token? Huh. I see. I'm not liking this at all.