Freshly Added to the Music Library

This has been a long time coming.. we've finally gotten around to adding a bunch of new songs to our music library! Now you'll be able to enjoy two more hours of Zelda remix splendor, which is a decent amount of fresh content. Some of the new additions were created by some people you've probably already heard, including Jam2995, FamilyJules7x, and some new artists to Radio Hyrule, including CSGuitar89, hylianensemble, and Blake Robinson.

Happy listening!


Submitted by fhd on Sun, 2011 Oct 09 - 10:36

I like to listen Radio Hyrule, but I would like to ask why Radio Hyrule does not play the OST versions of Zelda soundtracks?

Submitted by Time's Quill on Sun, 2011 Oct 09 - 15:31

They explain it in their FAQ. It's so that their station isn't flooded by OST (original soundtrack) tracks, and their aim is to promote fan-works. We all know how awesome the original soundtracks are; this is to give fans a chance to show their work and shine.

Hope this helps!