The Legend of Zelda Orchestral Version

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Submitted by Alden Duquette on Sat, 2014 Jan 18 - 18:33

I don't know if it was Koji Kondo or whoever thought it was a good idea to call this "Orchestral", but they were wrong. It's not. And it hurts my ears every time I hear it. It sounds more like a half-dead thrift store synthesizer than an orchestra.

Submitted by Linkdreams on Sun, 2015 Jan 04 - 00:12

I feel greatly nostalgic about the horrible sound quality if I do say so myself.

Submitted by TimeHero on Wed, 2016 Jul 06 - 19:34

I think this was meant to have an 80's synth sound to it. maybe Orchestral was not the correct word to describe it.