Final Hours

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Submitted by Hylianboy645 on Tue, 2015 Sep 29 - 20:17

This song is awesome especcially that drop at the 1:50 mark

Submitted by Aram on Mon, 2016 Sep 26 - 16:58

The drop is indeed awesome, although it just startled me. The volume was a bit high, hehe.

Submitted by ganfidog on Sat, 2016 Feb 20 - 19:08

the system just glitched and put it on repeat. Even the computer knows whats up hahah

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sun, 2016 Feb 21 - 06:14

I doubt the "system glitched"
Another user must have requested it after you did and used a request token to do so. Another likely option is that you requested it twice using a request token of your own, if you own any.

Submitted by ganfidog on Sun, 2016 Feb 21 - 16:58

I personally did not request it, but it played twice in a row and that's a win win, for me

Submitted by sajidwaseem on Mon, 2016 Apr 25 - 13:30

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Submitted by Barry Ronald on Sat, 2016 Aug 13 - 11:37

This song is awesome especcially that drop at the 1:50 mark. Love You. Here