Twilight Princess

Promotional songs from Nintendo for Twilight Princess.


Submitted by WolfLink on Wed, 2013 Oct 23 - 04:03

I am extremely disappointed that I my part of the cover is cut off in this picture.

Submitted by Xykrotik on Thu, 2016 Feb 11 - 02:46

Hello Kieroni,
I understand how you can think that this may not belong on Radio Hyrule, however it still does. Though a fan did not make the piece, it does not mean that it can not be uploaded to our library. These tracks aren't on the original OST, but instead they are promotional tracks that came with the OST. This means that they don't go against our terms of not uploading OSTs and are accepted to our library.

Submitted by Kieroni on Thu, 2016 Feb 11 - 19:29

Uh... I wasn't saying that it shouldn't be in the song library. I love the orchestral that come in the OST, especially the second one. I was just leaving that comment for people that look in the future know why it doesn't sound like any other TP song.