Dragon Roost Island

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Submitted by DanjaBus on Tue, 2014 Jan 07 - 15:07

This changes up every so often. Keeps it fresh.

Submitted by Ben drowned on Sun, 2014 Apr 06 - 23:19

This orchestrated version was amazing! Keep up the good work!

Submitted by headphones1 on Wed, 2014 Aug 06 - 19:36

one of the best tunes from wind waker

Submitted by Midna30557 on Sun, 2014 Aug 10 - 00:09

Yes, I love Dragon Roost Island soundtrack...and you should listen to Smooth McGroove's acapella of it, if you haven't yet. He also has several other Zelda acapellas as well. <3

Submitted by BWithey on Thu, 2014 Nov 27 - 02:34

That moment you realize the London Philharmonic has done a piece of music of your favorite games(this comment relates to the subject