Ballad of the Wind Fish (Kaze no Sakana Mix)

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Submitted by Hammy on Wed, 2012 Oct 10 - 15:36

I love the Ballad of the Wind Fish. But this mix distorts it annoyance with the gratingly squeaky voice of the singer being bothersome to no end.

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Mon, 2012 Nov 19 - 06:51

Don't mind the comments of the others, as harsh as they may seem. The beat is overall wonderful, however I must agree...the voice is slightly off-putting to the song. No hard feelings! Still catchy though!

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Mon, 2012 Nov 26 - 00:01

Oh hahaha, yeah, she's my friend from school. I introduced her to RadioHyrule, and well...yeah. Haha sorry about that.

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Wed, 2012 Nov 28 - 16:30

with the previous comments until i messed with the equalizer. The key is to allow the high notes get past the loud bass. I ended up lowering the left(lower freq.) in favor of raising the right(high freq.) It turns out it was just cutting off some of her voice with the freq. interferences or some other crap. Try it!
P.S. I really find it hard to dislike any song on this entire site, so i may not have an impartial opinion.

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Fri, 2012 Nov 30 - 00:51

I don't hate ANY of the songs, there may be a few that I wouldn't consider to be my favorite, or that i may 'dislike' slightly, but none that I hate. :)

Submitted by midna-twili12 on Mon, 2013 Jan 07 - 16:17

Really, guys, idk what is with this song but its not really that bad. <3


Submitted by efaj on Tue, 2013 Jan 08 - 02:01

Yes it's not... that's why I've been requesting it as often as I can so they may all see the light.

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Thu, 2013 Jan 10 - 01:17

"Annoying, happy, wonderful," so many people have so many different opinions about this song, but really to me, I'm in between and think this song is ok.

Submitted by midna-twili12 on Fri, 2013 Jan 25 - 15:58

Great! Anyone is entitled to their opinion.


Submitted by Hammy on Tue, 2013 Feb 12 - 20:02

No really? We thought that we all had to go by TwilightKnight's opinion. :P

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Mon, 2013 Mar 25 - 23:21

Ty Hammy! Almost no one agrees with me on comments only like once or twice. Don't worry, I maybe a twilight who serves Midna but u seriously don't need to worry or be afraid of me cause I'm just a child.

Submitted by nerakloira on Sat, 2013 Apr 13 - 12:58

I like this song.. but yeah the singer's voice is really odd... seems like a synthesizer, kinda a Vocaloid singer, some parts of the song reminds me Miku and/or Rin.

Submitted by midna-twili12 on Mon, 2013 Apr 29 - 15:12

I LOVE VOCALOID! IT'S F***ING AWESOME! Hmmm.....Now I wonder if it is a Vocaloid singing. xD

Submitted by Hammy on Tue, 2013 Apr 30 - 18:11

It still isn't a very good voice. It spoils the beauty of the Ballad of the Wind Fish.

Submitted by MustasLinked on Tue, 2015 Aug 04 - 06:26

The song is still good, the voice just adds another aspect to it that isn't in most versions of the song, and even if it is a little scratchy, it still sounds nice.

Submitted by MajoraLon on Tue, 2014 Mar 18 - 01:38

Guys, it's Luka singing the song. Normally she doesn't sound so squeaky so I'm assuming the artist hasn't used Vocaloid often. She can sound REALLY spectacular if used properly but even so, this is pretty damn good for her. She's really better suited for other genres, though.

Submitted by lulles on Sun, 2013 May 26 - 02:04

Vocaloid can sometimes destroy a music. Not sure if Vocaloid was used for this (it sounds like it, though), but the voice is a bit weird. It's an ok song, I like the melody but the voice gets really off at some points.

Submitted by LoveableKits on Wed, 2013 Oct 23 - 15:35

This track is really sweet and soft-- I like it. I don't mind the voices, because it's kinda like a lullaby. Though I would say that I'd only listen to this on specific days/moods. Wouldn't be my slice of cake every day.

Submitted by lulles on Wed, 2013 Nov 20 - 02:40

Falsettos everywhere. And it sounds super unnatural.

Submitted by iylila on Mon, 2014 Jan 06 - 06:18

The vocaloid sound threw me off. It just doesn't seem to match well with the rest of the music on the site. It is a good song though.

Submitted by Cooldillen on Wed, 2014 Feb 19 - 19:12

I really like this song but not just because it sounds good in my opinion but also because it sounds like it would if the game boy supported voice acting.

Submitted by azulhombre on Thu, 2014 Feb 27 - 02:12

I'm just curious as to what lyrics the artist came up with for the piece. The Ballad never had words, so they could be interesting.

I'm sure I could look up the translation, but I'm lazy. We'll see about another day.

Submitted by Hammy on Thu, 2014 Feb 27 - 14:18

Except for that fact that it is. It wouldn't be all that bad if the vocals didn't sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks being scraped with sandpaper.

Submitted by pmuffinmonkey12 on Sun, 2014 Mar 30 - 19:59

Those voices... They sound like a VOCALOID! Does anyone know for sure if they used a Vocaloid to sing? And which ones? Rin Kagamine, Hatsune Miku, or Luka Megurine?

Submitted by MustasLinked on Tue, 2015 Jun 16 - 15:38

This song gets hate for the fact someone is singing. I, although, Love this song extremely! It's a really good song, people just need to open up and appreciate it for what it is! Thank you!!

Submitted by Zebrasuar on Wed, 2015 Oct 28 - 19:56

First off the vocals are very good and second this song is so cute and awesome and sounds just so fun!

Submitted by Kieroni on Thu, 2016 Jan 07 - 02:23

I expect many things from RH, but a random vocaloid is not one of them. I'm used to listening to 'oid voices, so it doesn't bug me, but zi can see how it grates others. XP If anyone is still freaking out. Look up vocaloid. It will explain why the view sounds funny. Think that this is... Gumi? Sounds a bit like Gumi

Submitted by on Thu, 2016 Feb 04 - 02:45

you know personally the song is alright, you know this sounds like more legit because most japanese girls sing really high. Sounds more authentic