Dat Mushroom Dust

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Submitted by Lightgazer on Sun, 2014 Oct 19 - 01:39

i like this song, and at the same time i hate it immensely. it's so sickeningly annoying that i just gotta hear it again

Submitted by SalemKittie on Fri, 2014 Oct 24 - 16:46

I love this song. It has chiptune-y twang like a gameboy who's battery is low, and it sounds super cool. 10/10 will request again

Submitted by MustasLinked on Sun, 2015 Oct 25 - 11:42

So I listen to Radio Hyrule when I sleep (yes I sleep through the heavy metal songs XD) and I heard this song. Legit, it was giving me the best dream ever! After it ended I woke up, and was like,"WOAH.."

Submitted by pmuffinmonkey12 on Wed, 2015 Nov 11 - 22:01

It doesn't sound like any Legend of Zelda song I know but I kinda sounds like it was pulled straight out of Earthbound! Which is something I love! When this song popped up for the first time I was like: "Why is Earthbound music playing on RadioHyrule?"

Submitted by mightyrequester on Fri, 2017 Sep 08 - 03:24

It sounded to me like Pac Man was having hallucinations after eating the wrong kind of cherry. But I did hear one familiar Zelda melody in there, though I forgot what it was.