Music Box Collection


Submitted by Aram on Fri, 2015 Oct 09 - 19:47

There's little music I dislike on Radio Hyrule but this album is one of 'em. To be honest, with the right software and MIDI files, one could create this album within an hour. I think the songs lack a lot of depth. One instrument playing a single simple tune looping a few times is not what I call music.

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sun, 2015 Oct 11 - 04:51

Thanks for expressing your feelings!
It's understandable that there is music you may dislike, but music is music. Music can be anything from silence all the way to the most complex piece ever composed. This artist re-created this music in the way he wanted to hear it, as most artists do, so yes as an artist I know how it feels to like my own music sometimes more than someone else does. But you also have to think, if it isn't music then what would you call the short musical phrases played on the Ocarina in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? It's one instrument and still music. I'm not judging your opinion, just trying to show off a different perspective in hopes that maybe you'll give it a second chance or maybe not either way, thanks for listening! :)

Submitted by Aram on Fri, 2015 Oct 16 - 08:53

Thanks for replying. :)
Of course I understand that some people like it and some don't. I've heard these songs come by quite a few times, boring me every time. So that perspective is very unlikely to change, seeing as I've given it second, third, fourth, and probably even a tenth chance. As no one had posted any comments yet I felt someone should, so I did.

Regarding your remark about the ocarina songs; for one part I would not. The songs always start with a single ocarina, which is the only part I dislike. But after the tune has been played once, more instruments start playing. At this point I very much enjoy the ocarina songs. So personally I wouldn't call the first part of those tunes actual music, only when you've finished clicking the buttons on the controller and Link takes over. But hey, that's what comments are for, aren't they? To share opinionated text. It's a fact that this is music. It's just not what I would call music.

Now you've got me wondering, though. You've responded to my opinion to try and show another perspective. However, you haven't given your opinion about this particular album. So, what do you think about these songs?

Submitted by thehumanperson1 on Sat, 2016 Apr 09 - 15:34

yes although it is just one instrument you also have to take into account that it is a music box, they only have one thing in them to play music.