Animal Counterpoint

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Submitted by fpanico on Thu, 2014 May 08 - 19:20

this is among the top annoying songs on this website by far

Submitted by Wyst on Thu, 2014 Jun 12 - 19:13

I had to favorite this. The repetitions are well done. I find it surprisingly relaxing.

Sorry that we disagree. -shrug-

Submitted by DekuNut on Sun, 2014 Aug 17 - 21:23

If you request this, you are a fucking asshole. This shit was so annoying...

Submitted by MustasLinked on Fri, 2015 Sep 25 - 21:45

This song, in my opinion, was phenomenal. It had a certain repetitive rhythm that just flowed right. Now, this song is one that appeals to a certain few crowds moreso than others, so I see the reason in not liking this song.

Submitted by Wyst on Wed, 2017 Nov 15 - 17:38

I originally commented in 2014. I still like it. It pings my brain in a good way. :-D
Yes, some folks probably still find it annoying, but it's only a few minutes of the day. ;-)

Submitted by Adventureless_Hero on Thu, 2016 Dec 01 - 22:21

Sorry folks, but I sometimes request this tune. It's a very divisive song but I hope you'll allow me the 5 minutes of enjoyment it brings. It's reminiscent of "Music for 18 Musicians" and reminds me of the "Riding Light" video. So for five minutes I tune out and imagine cruising the void that was to become Hyrule as Nayru, Din, and Farore breathe it into existence.