End Credits, Part I

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Submitted by Aram on Fri, 2015 Jun 19 - 19:29

Why is this awesome composition not on your website? I must listen to it on the bus!

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sat, 2015 Jun 20 - 03:55

What do you mean by the composition is not on our website? The ZREO website or in the Radio Hyrule music library? (It's on both) Please specify :)

Submitted by Aram on Sat, 2015 Jun 27 - 10:38

Sorry for being unclear. I meant the ZREO website and I'm still unable to find it under the Music and Listen sections. Could you post a link? I'd really like to download the song, but Radio Hyrule doesn't have a download function as far as I know.

Submitted by Xykrotik on Sat, 2015 Jun 27 - 15:29

You're correct, Radio Hyrule does not have a download function. The ZREO music is actually hosted on two mirrors and one of them contains Twilight symphony. They are both located on the ZREO Radio Hyrule artist page. Hope this helps :)

Submitted by Aram on Thu, 2015 Jul 02 - 21:33

Ahh, I needed the mirror. :P Thank you very very much! :D