Song of Storms Remix

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Submitted by pjc20 on Mon, 2014 Apr 07 - 00:01

Really like this remix, there's another song by this artist called Welcome to Hyrule that I think should be on this site!

Submitted by Corn46 on Wed, 2014 Oct 08 - 02:38

you can still easily hear the original in this, but it is completely different to it. Well done.

Submitted by TheTruthDE on Thu, 2015 Jan 08 - 14:41

I really like the variation of drumpattern. Thumbs up for this rendition!

Submitted by Aram on Wed, 2015 Feb 25 - 15:03

I really hate dance, mostly because a lot of artists keep it simple on purpose in order to sell more. You, on the other hand, are not like those artists. It's a really good dance song with an appropriate amount of variation. Keep up the good work!