Ocarina of Time Metal Tribute

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Submitted by Freshnezz on Thu, 2014 Dec 18 - 11:17

It's just that I listen this radio station for it's nice instrumental adaptations of Zelda soundtracks and helps me relax or being productive. These metal tracks kill my vibe and wants me to cut off my ears and smack my head against the wall xP

Submitted by TheTruthDE on Thu, 2014 Dec 18 - 20:40

Well, especially the rock or electro remixes are awesome in my opinion. I don't get it how you can be productive with that music. Well, I can't, because the awesomenes is distracting me from beeing productive :D

Submitted by Freshnezz on Tue, 2014 Dec 23 - 10:30

I mean that I'm more productive with the slower songs over here... not the hard metal ones haha, not my kind of my music anyways ;)

Submitted by RinzletDm7 on Sun, 2020 May 10 - 18:17

Y'know a nice series of smooth techno, chill piano, and epic orchestral getting suddenly interrupted by these harsh metal tracks really throw off the relaxation and focusing quality of the radio. I guess it can't really be helped but yeesh does it give a jump sometimes.