The Clockworks

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Submitted by mikejcsauer on Thu, 2013 Apr 18 - 23:38


Yes I'm going to comment on every song in this album.

Submitted by Sericikana on Thu, 2013 Dec 19 - 19:09

it fits the clock tower, considering the cercomestance in which you enter it

Submitted by Sage of Time on Thu, 2014 Feb 13 - 00:56

“Litotes: a form of understatement in which a thing is affiremed by stating the negative of its opposite.” This spacific Litotes has became a large part of american jargon to mean “very good”

Submitted by Sage of Time on Thu, 2014 Feb 13 - 19:30

Your welcome! I had the term in a packet i had for english (who knew rhetorical strategies would apply to nonlituarure stiuations :)

Submitted by Tuosev on Mon, 2014 Sep 22 - 21:42

I was listening to this entire album all the way through this morning for the first time in a while, and when this song came on, I was thinking to myself... "What if this played in the background during you first meeting with Happy Mask Salesman?" I sat back, listened, and instantly the scenario painted itself in my mind. And I could see perfectly the expression on his face when he says, "You've... met with a terrible fate... haven't you?" It was full of understanding and sympathy. And... so was his voice, which I could also hear clearly.

Theophany has mastered the art of capturing the theme and mood of Majoras Mask so precisely and perfectly, that it honestly puts the original soundtrack to shame. I know that is blasphemy in the realm of VGM Remixes, but to put a spin on the old saying, "Once you go Theophany, there's no going back."

Submitted by Fallon16 on Mon, 2014 Nov 17 - 14:26

Gotta give credit to thephany, i have several songs by him, and i like hem all.
This one in particular i like a lot.