The Lullaby of Time

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Submitted by blhand26 on Wed, 2011 Aug 24 - 07:29

OMW I LOVE THIS SONG!!! She sings so beautifully, and the harmonies...OMW This is the Themple of Time done right!!

Submitted by Wolf_ODonnell on Mon, 2014 Jul 28 - 21:01

It's just a bunch of disjointed Latin phrases. You can quite clearly hear her sing Carpe diem around 1:00.

Submitted by Wyst on Tue, 2014 May 06 - 13:09

This is beautiful... and too short. I want to hear more! :-D

Submitted by midna-twili13 on Fri, 2014 Aug 29 - 01:12

The harmonies are absolutely gorgeous and I really really wish I could harmonize as well as that. Very well done, very beautiful, and very well executed.


Submitted by Polar_Express on Sun, 2015 Sep 13 - 17:26

I thoroughly enjoy this song. I discovered it while listening to Radio Hyrule and now I just play it on repeat whenever I'm doing homework for college. It is perhaps one of the most soothing yet invigorating songs that I have ever heard. Excellent job, ellebirdy23, or as you are now known, VGSongbird.

You have brought a beautiful song into the world. :D