Potion Shop

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Submitted by erbilgerbil on Wed, 2013 Jul 24 - 18:17

i'm really sorry that i requested this

Submitted by Hoosiermann on Sat, 2015 Mar 14 - 22:37

I agree it's not great for a casual listen, but it's far from regretful. At least it didn't make me want to turn off the stream like the Big Band crap that seems to be on frequent request rotation. I'll take overly compounding synth over squelchy lady wailing any day.

Submitted by Wyst on Thu, 2015 Jun 04 - 16:38

This is a great version of the Potion shop! :-)

Submitted by Captain_Trina on Wed, 2014 Apr 16 - 00:18

Anyone know what type of drums these are? Because I absolutely love the percussion in this piece.

Submitted by Aram on Sun, 2014 Jul 20 - 16:08

It sounds like a tom-tom modified with audio filters to me.