Zelda Movie Trailer Song

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Submitted by the1zeldafan on Thu, 2012 May 24 - 16:28

there has yet to be a zelda movie or any real information of a offical zelda movie but that dosnt mean there never will bug nintendo enough asnd maby we will see a zelda moviue on the big screen :)

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Wed, 2012 Aug 29 - 00:19

you can download the movie on demonoid its called The Hero of Time

Submitted by Aram on Thu, 2014 Jun 26 - 10:54

That's not an official movie, but fan made. You can still find it online (Google FTW). Nintendo did unfortunately say that the creators may not distribute the movie after 2009 due to copyright. So technically every version you can find is illegal.