25th Anniversary Medley

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Submitted by s0m3b0d3 on Thu, 2012 May 03 - 17:29

Song came on when I first started up the Radio Hyrule APP for Android

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Submitted by MacaqueAttack713 on Sun, 2013 Aug 18 - 15:13

This song (and many others)just makes me want to hum along, tap my foot, and conduct! This music is just so moving!

Submitted by Mim on Wed, 2013 Dec 11 - 23:18

Love it!

Submitted by Lead01 on Sat, 2014 Feb 01 - 02:12

I have this song on my i pod and when I got to now how it plays it made me want to become a conductor.

Submitted by Nyx-san on Sun, 2014 Mar 16 - 23:29

To hear the Spirit tracks theme and Dragon Roost Island theme. This song is epic!

Submitted by mightyrequester on Wed, 2014 May 28 - 18:05

It has bits of Dragon Roost Island in it, which I see as one of my favorite songs.