Link to the Mask

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Submitted by kyl12 on Sat, 2011 Nov 05 - 17:42

I don't think that it's a good song. I don't really like Rap and I don't think that this song have his place here.

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Wed, 2012 Apr 25 - 17:49

Couldn't resist. But in all seriousness, I see where you are coming from. However, to say that it does not have a place on RH is a little...wrong, for lack of a better word. Some people DO like rap---though I am typically not one of them. "Link to the Mask" is actually my favorite MM ReMix from OCR so far (out of the three or four I've heard). Again, I typically despise rap, but I suppose I have a soft spot for nerdcore, which is what this song is. It's somebody rapping about Zelda, not how he or she lives in a cruel world or what have you. That's why I can overlook this song's status as a rap song.

If it has a place on OCR, it has a place here; RH is a radio stream of ALL kinds of Zelda remixes! That said, I can still attest to the opinion that there are better songs on RH.

Submitted by the1zeldafan on Mon, 2012 May 07 - 15:58

a BAG song ...its spelled bad that B A D ...bad... and you if you dont like this song not only do you not have swag your not a true zelda fan and you have no idea what real music is

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Tue, 2012 Nov 13 - 22:49

Swag? Seriously? Alright then, I'll have a #4 with fries, please. :P

In all honesty I like this song.

Submitted by EnSevenTea on Fri, 2012 Sep 28 - 00:00

I know everyone has an opinion but I seriously can't agree at all with this. Especially about it not belonging here.

Submitted by nekogirl119 on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 18:59

Your grammar and spelling is atrocious. I think I laughed harder at your comment than I have at most things in a while

Submitted by lulles on Wed, 2013 May 22 - 03:53

I have to agree.

Submitted by RadioDemise on Fri, 2014 Jan 10 - 03:53

I love my fellow Grammar Nazis. They're so agreeable. :D

Submitted by the1zeldafan on Mon, 2012 May 07 - 15:54

if you ask me this is the absolute best song i have heard in my life

Submitted by DarkZoraLink on Wed, 2012 Oct 10 - 15:27

I have this song, don't know why anymore, but this song really sucks.

Submitted by SageNabooru on Tue, 2012 Nov 13 - 17:04

its pretty cool, but OC ReMix has better remixes this this

Submitted by SageNabooru on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 14:08

I guess I'm weird but i do really like this song, but I am one for liking odd songs and Zelda songs with lyrics, rap or not

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 15:15

I do not think i have come to dislike ANY song on this station at all! This song is awesome and makes me laugh as well.

Submitted by nekogirl119 on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 18:51

Any and all Zelda music belongs here. If it's zelda, it has a home on RH. Stop your bitching.

Submitted by SageNabooru on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 19:01

read above people xD

Submitted by nekogirl119 on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 19:04

after listening to it a few more's not a bad song because it's rap, it's bad because it makes no sense, barely has anything to do with Majora's mask, and is a poor example of rap. It really does suck. It needs to tkae a lesson from "A legend-to Zelda" by Destorm

Submitted by XOrdinary on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 19:30

All the lyrics are directly related to Majora's Mask and A Legend-to Zelda sucks...not sure what you're talking about here. :P

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 19:37

Xordinary is right about the lyrics,though A Legend-to Zelda is not a bad song either. I really enjoy this song, stop your hatin'! Plus, you request Unsealed all the time anyway, there is no time for songs like these! :(

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 22:48

The lyrics to this song are perfectly relevant to MM! Ironically, you say this guy should take lessons from DeStorm, when most people would say the opposite :P (myself not included :P) And for Din's sake, what's wrong with requesting Unsealed all the time?! :P

P.S.: This is getting vulgar :P

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 22:51

And btw, I like both this AND A Legend- To Zelda; I think they're both decent songs and get far too much hate :P Although, I'll admit I sometimes feel the same way about Rime of the Wanderin' Seafarer as Neko feels about this song, so I guess I can relate. :/ :P

Submitted by JunkyTitan on Wed, 2012 Nov 28 - 23:39

I didn't like this song at first, but it grew on me. Me Gusta.

Submitted by Mistress Link on Wed, 2012 Dec 12 - 21:09

I like the begining of this song but then it gets to rapish

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Wed, 2013 Jan 23 - 00:43

Rap and Zelda music don't mix together as well, but this is probably the best Zelda rap I have ever heard.

Submitted by erbilgerbil on Tue, 2013 Jul 09 - 21:14

I find it rather silly, though. I don't think that LoZ and rap mix very well in general and it takes a lot of effort to make it work. This one falls flat. Sorry, that's just my not at all professional opinion.

Submitted by fpanico on Tue, 2013 Nov 12 - 18:40

Anyone who's watched the original TMNT movie may remember the song at the end credits might remember the song Turtle Power by Partners in Kryme. Something similar is the sounds me thinks

Submitted by azulhombre on Sun, 2014 Jan 26 - 00:34

The comments here are far worse than the song itself.

Submitted by Freshnezz on Thu, 2014 Feb 06 - 13:56

Lol so I guess Legend of Cool (yeah I hate that one), weird Majora's Mask opera's and all those hardrock punk remixes of Zelda tunes have more right to belong here than this track??

Nothing wrong with rap but this is not very well done.. the music is alright though kinda like it :)

Submitted by Deku Sages on Wed, 2014 Feb 12 - 21:42

Hm. I can see this song has gotten alot of criticism. But honestly, I love it. Now, I'm not a humongous fan of rap(honestly, there are extremely few rap songs I can stand), but this song is very well put together. I love the sound of it, the story it tells about, the references to Ocarina of Time, the respect the artist has for the game, and how it covers my favorite songs from Majora's Mask. The fact that it's rap also makes it that much better, because I think of how many different types of people like Zelda.

Honestly, I'm surprised this song isn't more popular. Majora's Mask is so beloved among the fans..

Submitted by Sage of Time on Wed, 2014 Feb 12 - 23:01

I am a HUGE Majora's Mask fan, but i do not like this song (it is almost my least favorite song on RH, only trumped by the other Zelda rap [which i never bothered to remember the name of] and Sakon's Artista). Here's why: 1) it's a rap, and i hate raps; 2) it… doesn't fit with… Majora's Mask at all. There are six things that are acerate with the song (Majora's Mask, Skull kid and the stone tower temple's existence, the Ocarina of Time, four giants and the music), but the rest of it is not majora's mask (since when does Zelda tell Link to find Majora's Mask [“and with the beckoning call of the princess…”], for example); 3) the song makes Link sound like a GANG MEMBER who is OBSESSED with power (ANYONE else see a PROBLEM with those two things); 4) it's a rap (yes, i listed it twice); 5) the song hurts my sanity (not as much as the songs that i hate more than this one, but it still does). Now you have your answer

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Tue, 2014 Sep 16 - 03:35

Been too long since last comment. Just had to shake things up. I love the musical background to the song, and while Anyone can see the discrepancies between the game and song, anything could have happened in the doomed world of Termina.

I love every song here. A shame there aren't any songs about Tingle though.

Submitted by Fallon16 on Wed, 2014 Nov 19 - 13:55

i know, tingle is in a few loz games, so why aren't there songs about him!?

Submitted by Fallon16 on Wed, 2014 Nov 19 - 13:54

I like the fact that there are lyrics in this one, and that they actually sound decent.