The Legend of Cool

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Submitted by zora tunic for ... on Thu, 2013 May 16 - 01:38

i made a playlist on youtube of only this one song its about 1 hour and 30 minints long

Submitted by biolink on Sun, 2013 Jun 09 - 13:04

lol this is very cool and strange!

Submitted by biolink on Sun, 2013 Jun 09 - 13:04

lol this is very cool and strange!

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Fri, 2013 Jul 05 - 14:20

Did this just become the first song to reach two pages of comments...? :P

Submitted by azulhombre on Sat, 2013 Aug 17 - 00:58

I'm not that into it at all for a few reasons, but people here seem to love it. Probably because it's so quirky and different. Diff'rent strokes!

Submitted by Neos_Prime on Wed, 2013 Sep 18 - 13:13

This artist can't sing... it strains my ears... the lyrics are great, but I can't seem to appreciate the vocalist... maybe if it was redone with a different vocalist...?

Submitted by DanjaBus on Wed, 2013 Dec 11 - 19:55

I just don't get why you guys like this song so much.. :/

Submitted by Sericikana on Thu, 2013 Dec 12 - 19:44

Its hilarious and very well made. it sums up the entirety of OoT in a single song. also its cool and its a legend... DID I MENTION THE "OF"

Submitted by Freshnezz on Thu, 2013 Dec 12 - 22:25

this is so bad xD

Submitted by Sericikana on Thu, 2013 Dec 19 - 19:22

dont be hating
in the mirror
to what you say
theres an arrow flying at your face!

Submitted by Sericikana on Wed, 2014 Jan 15 - 18:59

Its on its way to you, mate. so don't hate on the legend. Bitch.

Submitted by Sage of Time on Mon, 2014 Jan 27 - 22:54

First impression of this song: “ugg, I don't like this already [unplugs earphones and leaves in the middle of the Deku Tree's scene]”
Second listening: “this song again! Can't... reach... plug... [after deku tree's part] Huh, this song is pretty good…”
Third listening: “THIS SONG IS AMAZING!”
What I am trying to say by this post, is that, in my opinion, this song has a rocky start, but picks up quickly. Also, it gets better with each successive hearing.

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Sun, 2014 Feb 09 - 04:07

I'm finally back after being gone for so long! And this is in the recent songs! Some things never change XD

Submitted by ELDYLO on Thu, 2014 Feb 27 - 23:39

If your blood was boinling then you would be dead..............

Submitted by iFreyja on Sat, 2016 Apr 09 - 03:55

Can't stand this song, oh my goddess. It sounds more like Leslie and the Lies than anything to be taken seriously. 0/10.