Dawn of a Hero

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Submitted by SageNabooru on Wed, 2013 Aug 28 - 00:00

Just stunning, graceful and beautiful T.T

Submitted by Zproductions on Fri, 2013 Dec 13 - 04:14

Anything from the harp to the ensemble during the main melody, and the graceful tone and complexion, then to have it change timing as to instinct the events foretold in the Zelda games. This song holds a story that travels across lands and seas, and worlds...

Submitted by Cammino3 on Wed, 2013 Dec 18 - 01:39

This is so gorgeous...
So beautiful...

Submitted by Sericikana on Wed, 2013 Dec 18 - 19:38

now i feel like Im flying into the sunset, to a new Adventure! gotta love fox amoore