Braving Tal Tal Heights

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Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Wed, 2012 Nov 14 - 16:32

It is beautifully made! I think it captures the energy of the Tal Tal heights, and the lulling of the beats brings to mind the dream!

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Mon, 2013 Apr 08 - 22:29

I remember listening to this song back on a website known as the "Odyssey of Hyrule" ....I remember finding that website when I first discovered the internet around Ocarina of Time's release. Ah. It was a wonderland, that website. All the neat Zelda things I came across. At the time I was only 6-7 and knew nothing outside of OOT! And I loved this song! They had a playlist of songs and this was one of them. And I always had this one on repeat. I loved it.

And I still do.

Long live The Legend of Zelda! :D

Submitted by Freshnezz on Fri, 2013 Nov 22 - 22:51

Really awesome remix, adventurous!!

Submitted by Wyst on Sat, 2014 Jun 07 - 21:44

:-D My head is bopping, my shoulders shimmying, my chair is dancing. Love this! <3