Forest Temple

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Submitted by Firoru on Mon, 2013 Nov 25 - 06:34

Imagine listening to this suddenly in the dark, very dark and you're alone... is creppy ._.

Submitted by ZeldaOtaku21 on Thu, 2014 Apr 17 - 17:42

If this was in ocarina of time (3D or N64), how many people would still play? Or how many MORE people would play? This remix definitely made me like the forest temple, lol.
As for the laugh, that was perfect.

Submitted by SkarletForestfire on Sun, 2014 Nov 30 - 21:22

I was playing OoT when this came on and I was in castle town and talked to the beggar dude and the second I stopped, the Poe laugh came on. I was like ITS A GHOST MAN then I realized it was from this music and started laughing