Majora's Mask Compilation

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Submitted by mikejcsauer on Thu, 2013 Apr 18 - 23:50

Not to put anyone down...but listening to this after listening to Theophany's amazing Majora's Mask album...It's kind of....

But it is definitely good in it's own right! I love Majora's Mask! And this collection is well done!

But, again, I think it suffers from the lack of transition between the Ocarina of Time Compilation. But it's consistent with the oot it's all okay! I think I'm understanding the purpose of that now. I think it works better in this compilation than it does in the Oot compilation.

Submitted by Dr b on Mon, 2013 Sep 23 - 15:56

I gave this compilation a shot. And to be honest. It was not disappointing. It is very well done and i will recommend this to more people

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Mon, 2013 Sep 23 - 16:12

With only four songs, this is what you might call "straight to the point" as far as Majora's Mask goes, which is pretty good. I think the songs are pretty flushed out and the transitions between them are perfectly fine. I would say that MIKEJCSAUR is right in that this does not compare to Theophany, but then again, this was here first and, let's face it, few things do. This is an excellent track in its own right.

Submitted by Dr b on Mon, 2013 Sep 23 - 16:19

I agree. If we only listen to the big top class music. how will the small time composers get a chance? I believe that this compilation is Good on its own and should not be compared. Anyways... I agree with you