Skyward Sword

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Submitted by Alden Duquette on Fri, 2013 Apr 12 - 02:36

It's an okay arrangement, but it does... take a while to get to the point, so to speak. For as long as it is (5:39), there isn't really much "Skyward Sword" in it at all, certainly not enough to justify the title's implication. And the buildup is two or three times longer than it needs to be; in fact, calling it a buildup isn't quite appropriate, seeing as it's about 70% of the song. And to top it off, the endless Zelda's Lullaby background rhythm is not really reminiscent of Skyward Sword as much as of other games, or as much as other songs could have been (Even considering that Ballad of the Goddess is Zelda's Lullaby played backwards, here it's played forwards, so that doesn't help any). All-in-all, I don't feel like this comes close to capturing the essence of Skyward Sword's soundtrack, in fact I don't think it really capture's the essence of anything at all.

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Tue, 2013 Apr 23 - 22:16

As harsh as this may seem...I agree with Alden here.

Submitted by Serenia on Tue, 2013 Sep 17 - 11:08

If I didn't see it on the title, I'd assume it was Ocarina of Time or a Link to the Past, but Skyward Sword? I would never have guessed

Submitted by Princess Zelda on Thu, 2013 Aug 22 - 13:36

I absolutely love it! I can understand why he would call it "Skyward Sword".

Submitted by MustasLinked on Mon, 2015 Oct 26 - 11:03

Honestly, after we got to the point, it was a good song. Now before I make my next statement, understand that I like a lot of repetitive music. But with Zelda's Lullaby, or at least in this song, it kinda got old a lot faster than most songs. So yeah, it took a while to the point, but after that it was good, right.. No. Literally, with 50 seconds left, it went back to the same theme. Now if it were 10-15 seconds left, understandable. But almost a whole other minute? I'm afraid that just doesn't float my boat. But yes, excluding Zelda's Lullaby, you have a great song.

Submitted by MustasLinked on Wed, 2016 Oct 19 - 20:15

My goodness, after listening to this song once more, I honestly have to debunk my other comment. This song DOES have a long start to lead into into the Skyward Sword music, however once you finally get there, it's a really good song.