Song of Storms

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Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Wed, 2012 Oct 31 - 14:17

I yelled "yes!!!" When i unlocked this song on smash bros. I must download!

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sun, 2012 Nov 18 - 18:33

I did too, I was so happy when I unlocked it! In fact, I'm always happy when I unlock anything Legend of Zelda :)

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Sun, 2012 Nov 18 - 18:04

This is my favorite song from Brawl. Actually, it's one of the few Zelda songs in Brawl that I 100% appreciate. :P Although in this case I must say I 110% appreciate it! XD

Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Fri, 2013 Feb 15 - 18:09

All agreed. Although, since I heard this way before I knew anything of the franchise, for the longest time I thought that Ganon's theme and the Serenade of Water were actually part of the original.

Submitted by unholylink on Wed, 2013 Sep 25 - 08:37

Love this, another great tune

Submitted by WolfLink on Wed, 2013 Oct 23 - 04:05

Song of Storms is one of my favorites and this version has a really cool intro.

Submitted by Energyburst on Sun, 2014 May 25 - 04:08

This song draws my attention like a moth to a flame. Whenever I hear it in the background while doing things on the computer I instantly drop what im doing and turn it up and just listen.

Submitted by Nedap on Fri, 2016 May 13 - 20:48

does any one play Super smash flash 2 ?