Where is my Sword?

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Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sun, 2012 Nov 18 - 04:57

Haha, well, um, I can explain that. It's the WindFish egg. It's atop the mountain. Not a volcano, I'm sure. The egg is the WindFish in Link's Awakening. :P
But yeah, haha, I can see where you're coming from xD

Submitted by Hammy on Wed, 2013 Oct 30 - 15:45

It's one of the best Zelda games out there. Really hard (but not too hard i.e. Adventure of Link) and very enjoyable. :)

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2013 Nov 27 - 16:29

I just bought the game during Nintendo's Character sale, and I'm loving it! :D

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Tue, 2013 Apr 23 - 23:01

Eggsplode. Lol

Good song :p I just started links awakening again the other night.

Submitted by Serenia on Sun, 2013 Sep 15 - 12:00

The original version of the song made me kinda sad...

Submitted by Zebrasuar on Thu, 2015 Oct 08 - 12:40

This song this song THIS FRICKIN SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT