The Song of Epona

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Submitted by Hoosiermann on Tue, 2013 Feb 12 - 20:57

This song sounds more like some fusion between Country/Western and Luau music than a Big Band. Let's bury this cat out back, and move on to requesting some better tunes.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2013 Apr 24 - 00:38

I agree with that sentiment on this album in general, but I think this is actually one of its better songs... :P

Submitted by lulles on Thu, 2013 May 23 - 21:09

Is she singing in Japanese? She doesn't sound Japanese, haha.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Thu, 2013 Aug 22 - 19:08

I'm pretty sure it's Italian, actually. Also, the lyrics are not exclusive to this song... there is currently at least one other song in the music library which has the exact same vocals.

Submitted by Serenia on Thu, 2013 Sep 12 - 18:04

I'm pretty certain it's Japanese.

Submitted by LoveableKits on Mon, 2013 Oct 21 - 16:38

It's most definitely Japanese... Not Italian. Also, I like the tune, despite the lack of 'Big Band'. I haven't heard all of the album, however, some big bands have cool down tunes. This could be one of those.

Submitted by HyruleanCookie on Fri, 2013 Oct 25 - 21:59

The song is in Japanese. Here's the lyrics in Romaji and the translation as well.

I don't know who wrote the song first, but it's also included on MOKA's Re-Arranged Ocarina of Time album.