Time's End

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Submitted by Ganondork on Tue, 2013 Apr 16 - 00:13

The completed song of time near the end made my hair stand on end.

Submitted by CaptainPaladinLP on Mon, 2013 Oct 21 - 01:46

I think if they ever made a movie, this tune would draw huge crowds, along with this tune, would be winning some awards.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Tue, 2013 Apr 16 - 00:15


...I can't even describe this. This is just so... so perfect... so wonderful... so sad... so amazing... so eerie... so beautiful...


That's it. This song embodies Majora's Mask, in every single way. And that's saying quite a lot...

Now I'm gonna go over in the corner and cry...

Submitted by Frogcamo on Sun, 2014 Aug 31 - 12:49

The piano area in the middle of the song with the thunder in the background, near made me cry... One of the best music pieces I've heard in my lifetime... This, is true music.

Submitted by Hammy on Tue, 2013 Apr 16 - 15:37

The entire album is crazy good. This song is probably the peak of it all.

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Thu, 2013 Apr 18 - 22:46

...that everyone on here is loving this album. Theophany just got Radio Hyrule to put it up recently. I listen to this literally every day since it was released on December 21st, 2012. :p (Too much, you say? Never.)

This is hands down my favorite Zelda remix album. I couldn't wait for it to be on Radio Hyrule. So much that I asked Theophany why it wasn't here yet! XD

But now it's here. And more people get to fall in love with it's beauty.

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Tue, 2013 Apr 30 - 23:28

Typing on an ipad tends to mess up my grammar without me realizing it...

Submitted by Captain_Trina on Sat, 2013 Apr 20 - 19:52

Everything is done well here - piano, sound effects, vocals, and so forth. The sound of time "rewinding" (corresponding with when the game shows Link falling through white space) is an especially nice touch.

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Mon, 2013 May 06 - 23:20

WOW!!! This is such a good song. If I were the person who rates the songs of the top 50's list, I might put this song right under Thunderstruck. Mainly because this song is like everything, sad, kind of happy, but plain amazing. Well orchestral. THE BEST REMIX FOR MAJORA'S MASK IN MY OPINION!!!!! I rate it two thumbs up! :D

Submitted by midna-twili12 on Wed, 2013 May 08 - 15:14

Woah. 'Nuff said.


Submitted by unholylink on Thu, 2013 May 16 - 07:37

What an amazingly beautiful song, also love it with http://www.rainymood.com/
just adds a little something to the atmosphere :)

Submitted by biolink on Sun, 2013 Jun 09 - 10:36

this is wonderful and awesome

Submitted by goldentorch4 on Fri, 2013 Jun 14 - 16:55

How the Song of Time creeped in through piano gets me every time...

And then the vocals that go with it...

How everything in Termina is a millisecond from being obliterated... and then saved by a few notes... And time then rewinds completely.

Termina is saved.

Its just breathtaking....

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Mon, 2013 Aug 19 - 21:31

so beautiful... i cant stop listening to this now. *goes to download and put on MP3* this is great stuff. the ending was epic, the song in itself was amazing, WHERE CAN I GET THE ALBUM

Submitted by Serenia on Sun, 2013 Sep 08 - 18:57

This is... a sigh of closure. Never has something been more Majora!

Submitted by Milese794 on Tue, 2013 Sep 10 - 19:41

I literally smiled throughout the entirety of the song. So many memories built in with the best remix I've ever heard of clock town. Great job! ;')

Submitted by Sage of Time on Sun, 2013 Oct 13 - 21:25

I try to request this song every day since creating an account on Radeo Hyrule. I even thought about this song while creating my user name!

Submitted by Sage of Time on Sun, 2013 Oct 13 - 21:25

I try to request this song every day since creating an account on Radeo Hyrule. I even thought about this song while creating my user name!

Submitted by Merlink on Wed, 2013 Nov 06 - 17:40

This is so epic i have no words left
Just love it <3

Submitted by Sericikana on Wed, 2013 Dec 18 - 19:53

it makes me feel as if all that i know is gone. its one of those songs you listen to when you know is gone, and all hope is lost and the world... is falling apart around you.

Submitted by Freshnezz on Thu, 2014 Jan 02 - 18:34

Cannot describe the epicness of this song... amazing...

Submitted by Sericikana on Wed, 2014 Jan 22 - 19:14

Have a pot
And a rupie


Submitted by Sericikana on Thu, 2014 Feb 06 - 16:29

Play it, Play it, Play a song that brings Peace to the chaos...

Ah This... This... I Bear you no remorse

Submitted by Faddo on Mon, 2014 Feb 24 - 22:51

I even downloaded this song on my phone cuz I heard it and I thought DOWNLOAD IT!!

Submitted by TwiliLinky on Tue, 2014 Dec 23 - 04:28

This song is just amazing! I listen to it like every day and it seems to really soothe & heal me for some weird reason? The piano is just EPIC! And at the end of song, the entire song plays in reverse, like the whole experience never happened, which then makes me want to listen to it again!

Submitted by GBArda on Sat, 2016 Mar 19 - 08:15