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Submitted by Alden Duquette on Tue, 2013 May 07 - 03:21

I wasn't available to watch the music video premiere (WOE IS ME!!!) but I have seen what parts o it are already on Youtube and downloaded the full album so I can hear the entire thing up front. The entire album is absolutely AMAZING, GORGEOUS, STUPENDOUS, AND I-CAN'T-EVEN-DESCRIBE-IT-BECAUSE-ADJECTIVES-FAIL-ME!!!! But this song, this is the crowning glory of the album, not only setting the mood for the album as a whole, but mapping out the entire story as it progresses, foreshadowing everything that is to come. When I first heard this I nearly cried. I have watched the video over and over and over again at least 6 times in the past hour. I simply cannot get enough of it. Well done, ZREO, you have successfully brought my childhood back to life in a way so vivid I didn't think it was even possible. You are guys are epic to the last!!

Submitted by Zproductions on Tue, 2013 May 07 - 12:49

Honestly, I feel the exact same as Alden. This song is beyond amazing, along with the album.

Submitted by tylermech66 on Mon, 2013 Aug 26 - 19:37

I also feel that way, this song is simply amazing

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Wed, 2013 May 08 - 23:12

I can't believe that a song this amazing isn't on the top 50's place like at second, fourth, or third place. I'm guessing cause this song is new and not much people have heard it, so it is not even on the list of most favorites songs.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Thu, 2013 May 09 - 00:06

Oh, I'm sure it will be, don't worry. You'd be right to say that it's just new and unheard by many. :P

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Thu, 2013 May 09 - 03:00

Most people sat that Twilight Princess is the worst game ever, but I say it is a great game. Most people hate the game play most of all and the vast world of Hyrule, but the one thing they don't notice is the music. I love Twilight Princess mainly because of the beautifully orchestral music and I find the game play well and good. Good thing no one says they hate the music too. Hope you guys understand what I'm saying here. :D

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Thu, 2013 May 09 - 03:53

There really is nothing to hate about Twilight Princess at all. The only thing people really complain about is that it's basically a repackaged Ocarina of Time. What I say to that is, who wouldn't want more Ocarina of Time? The music of Twilight Princess, though at times lazy (You do hear different versions of the same theme, again, and again, and again) was extremely powerful, delivering the might of Koji Kondo on full force. It was, by all accounts, one of the most memorable Zelda soundtracks. And hey, who could hate any music presented in a way as awesome and amazing as this?

Submitted by tylermech66 on Mon, 2013 Aug 26 - 19:43

people think that twilight princess was horrible? I'm shocked, that was and still is my favorite Zelda game of all time, how could anyone hate it 'whimper'

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Mon, 2013 Aug 26 - 22:47

I'm pretty sure Twilightnight exaggerated when he said that MOST people hate it; only some people do, or rather, did. There is sort of cycle with Zelda games: people hate the latest one but love on the one before that. When TP first came out it wasn't liked that much (though this may be because nothing could ever live up to that legendary E3 trailer that made grown men cry :P) but now they've died down quite a bit, and the ones that haven't are busy hating on Skyward Sword (personally I think they're all trolls; Neither TP nor SS nor ANY Zelda game deserve such hate.) Don't worry, no one on HERE hates Twilight Princess. :P

Submitted by goldentorch4 on Fri, 2013 Jun 14 - 19:21

I first played Twilight Princess when I was around 11 or 12. So I was just a preteen adolescent girl. (fun fact I started playing Ocarina of Time before I was was even eight.) Anyway, Twilight Princess fascinated me. I still remember being entirely swallowed into this world of Hyrle. Yes, because I am a girl, Twilight Princess Link was and still is perhaps my favorite Link looks wise. But enough of that.

To give others who thought Twilight Princess was terrible a different perspective, I'll just say what I loved about it.

Because I was a young gamer, and not having much experience outside of Zelda, I didn't know what to expect. Heck, I didn't even care about mechanics and technical stuff the experienced gamers take into consideration. Yes the Wii controls had their moments of frustration but I dealt with it. Ive never played Majoras Mask so I couldnt compare the darkness with that game to Twilight Princess. I didn't ( COULDN'T) see how people said it was a "copy?" of Ocarina of Time.

I actually didn't know people thought it was a terrible game until a year or so ago. And I just think: "How is it terrible?" "This is a pretty awesome game in my opinion!" But yes people do have different opinions.

Twilight Princess actually gave me something to fight with. Around the time and me being a 11 - 12 year old girl, thats when the whole Twilight books series started to emerge. There was NO way you were going to get me to read those books. Nope. I refuse. Instead of being swept away into the mainstream Vampire/ werewolf thing, I clung to Zelda. And the whole Wolf Link bit made it even better. "I don't need no stinkn Vampire or werewolf, I'll take Wolf Link any day!"

Sorry for the uber long post. I just need to get my thoughts out.
The music for Twilight Princess is amazing. The characters memorable. Midna is perhaps still my favorite "side-kick". I love her sassyness. I loved Hyrule and how huge it is in TP.
Thank you Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo, and ZREO. Best wishes :)

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Thu, 2013 Jun 20 - 15:02

I agree with the sentiment. :) Midna is my all-time favorite Navi-type sidekick too. :) :P

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Thu, 2013 Jun 20 - 15:00

Everyone's writing essays here... XD

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Thu, 2013 Jun 20 - 15:07

Remember how I said I *almost* cried? Well, I just did. :P THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Wed, 2013 Aug 28 - 02:30

Man its been like months since i last posted my comment. well yes i do love tp like best game ever, RIGHT!!!! Well im here to say that u are awesome alden and that i do love this song. i dont cry during this song but i become very happy though

Submitted by kissarmy1999 on Tue, 2014 Jan 07 - 01:53

I agree with golden even though I'm not a girl I was the same age and the game was absolutly fantastic and Iloved doing the glitches on it

Submitted by xantavit on Fri, 2014 May 16 - 01:40

This is what got me into ZREO. Listening at about 2:40 gives me a total euphoric bliss of feeling. I absolutely love the overture. The entire Symphony is absolutely amazing and captures the era of Hyrule in Twilight Princess.