Gimme My Sword!

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Submitted by Alden Duquette on Tue, 2012 Dec 18 - 17:03

2 things: 1, I posted that when the album was first released, and I heard the song for the first time. 2, even if they did, if I wanted Mario, I would have gone to that Mushroom Kingdom Radio, or whatever it is they've been advertising. :P It just seemed really out of place at the time. :P

Submitted by Linx117 on Wed, 2013 Apr 24 - 18:39

I really like this song. A lot! And for the ones who are wondering why the mario pipe noise is in it, then you obviously don't remember Link's Awakening very well. Mario references are everywhere in that game.
Which this song is based on, as well as Link To the Past. (check album info)

Submitted by starstorms on Sat, 2015 Feb 28 - 14:09

Hey I loved it. The guitar at the very beginning is nice, and I loved the chiptune a lot too. One of my favorites from this album. With that said I'm not sure why they felt the need to put in soundclips from 80s zelda commercials but o-k.

Submitted by Gannon Guy on Tue, 2016 Dec 27 - 21:05

Maybe they put it in there to make people remember the classic Zelda titles and what it was like when they first played it. Maybe...