Skyward Sword Guitar Medley

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Submitted by unholylink on Wed, 2012 Dec 19 - 16:19

Amazing how happy this made me, such great chilling music :D

Submitted by Nayru on Thu, 2013 Apr 04 - 10:18

This is too perfect. Seriously, it's making me want to play Skyward Sword again! Very well done :)

Submitted by Sage of Time on Tue, 2014 May 27 - 00:27

This is definatly one of the more battle like versions of this song, and I could immagine this playin durring an encounter with an enemy.

Submitted by Jedi4232 on Fri, 2014 Oct 24 - 19:12

I love this song so much! Thank you Mr. TheDuckDod! I have only one question: why did you stick with songs from the beginning of the game, for the most part? Will there be a part 2?

Submitted by TwiliLinky on Mon, 2014 Dec 15 - 09:09

Oh my gosh, this song is so beautiful cause it reminds me of when I first played the game, all the amazing music from Skyloft, to Fi's theme and to the crazy but kinda cool Groose's theme. Skyward Sword had the most incredible music throughout the entire game. And this song brings them all together! I love it! :)

Submitted by MustasLinked on Sat, 2015 Sep 26 - 11:24

It's funny, I knew this song before I knew Radio Hyrule, so seeing it on Radio Hyrule made my heart jump! I love this song!!!

Submitted by Zebrasuar on Sat, 2015 Sep 26 - 19:09

i knew this song too before radio hyrule because you told me about the song XD